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10 Ways to Reduce Public Speaking Anxiety

When I was in college, I had an internship with a large oil and gas company. While I was working there, I felt like I really impressed the people around me with my work ethic, determination, resourcefulness, and productivity. Many of the projects that I worked on were finished weeks and even months ahead of […]

Slideshow for 101 Public Speaking Tips

We recently uploaded the slideshow for the 101 Tips that are posted at Click the link for details and explanations about each tip. If you want to easily learn how to apply each and every one of these tips, make sure and attend a Fearless Presentations class in a city near you.

Want to Reduce Stage Fright? Try a GOOD Public Speaking Class

Want to reduce stage fright or public speaking fear? The absolute best way to reduce fear is to have a series of successes in a short period of time, and a good public speaking class is the fastest and easiest way to have these successes! Where Does Stage Fright Come From? Fear of any kind […]

Design Better Bullet Points in PowerPoint Presentations

Just as a review, instructors of The Fearless Presentations class whole-heartily agree that the first step in designing a quality presentation or PowerPoint deck is to start with a clear and concise title that is audience-focused — meaning that the title (and the speech) should be focused on what the audience wants, not what the […]

What the Audience Wants and What You Want to Tell Them Are Often Totally Different

WHAT THE AUDIENCE WANTS TO KNOW AND WHAT YOU WANT TO TELL THEM ARE OFTEN TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS Perhaps the absolute biggest mistakes that people make when they start to design a presentation is to ask themselves, “Okay, so what do I know about this subject?” and then start designing slides based on everything […]

Increase Security and Income with Presentation Skills Training

Want to get promoted or increase your salary? The ability to stand up and present your ideas effectively in front of a group is still one of, if not THE, most sought after skill sets in the business world, so, quite often, an investment in presentation skills training can have a more positive effect on […]

March 2013 Fearless Presentations Workshop in Chicago Illinois

When it comes to improving your abilities to improve your public speaking ability, it’s important to understand that you can’t just Need to improve, you must Want to improve.  Most people go through lives talking about how they need to do things.  Things like eating right, exercising, learn a new language.  But need is just […]

How to Make Presentations Memorable

Ready, Set…. Go.  It’s time to make the big presentation.  Maybe it’s to a prospective client that could be huge for your business, maybe your boss is in the audience, or maybe it’s for a group of people you look up to and admire.  You’ve got your PowerPoint slides, practiced a number of times, and […]

101 Public Speaking Tips

No matter what people tell you, public speaking is not a skill that people who are lucky at the lottery of life possess while the rest of us are doomed to failure. Anyone can develop presentation skills, and with just a little practice, anyone can become a world-class speaker. Below are 101 public speaking tips […]

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