Is the Art of Public Speaking Lost on Millennials?

Older generations sometimes lump the entire next-generation into a stereotypical group. For instance, you’ve likely heard the negative stereotypes about Millennials: they are lazy, entitled, late-bloomers… the list goes on. However, there are also positive traits that many Millennials share that make them an asset in the workplace, including their teamwork skills, efficiency, and desire […]

4 of The Most Common Public Speaking Myths Debunked

Myths – or any type of untrue information – can spark unfounded fear and confusion in many situations. The same is true with public speaking. Public speaking myths are a twice as damaging. Many people assume that if they’re not a natural-born speaker, get butterflies before speeches, or don’t use professional speech-writers, they can’t successfully […]

In a Hurry? Here’s How to Memorize Your Speech in Less than 60 Minutes

Whatever your vocation, you’ll likely find yourself in front of a crowd at some point. And whether you’re a spokesperson, a motivational speaker, an athlete, an entrepreneur, a CEO, or simply a student, you’re a busy person, with more things to do than to sit there and memorize the lines for a speech or presentation. […]

How to Eliminate Public Speaking Fear

How Do You Actually Eliminate Public Speaking Fear… For Good? 5 Easy Steps to Eliminate the Fear of Public Speaking

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking Voice

At a public speaking workshop, the instructor-facilitator puts identical copies of a speech in front of two people. The first person is a long time, experienced public speaker. The second is an executive who hopes to improve his public speaking skills. Neither person has seen the speech before, but they’re each given 15 minutes to […]

Routine: The Key to Effective Public Speaking?

What to know a real secret about public speaking success? The real key to effective public speaking is to establish a comfortable routine. It’s a commonly-known fact that public speaking is a wider-held fear than death. Being afraid of public speaking is so common that it’s almost a cliché. But why? It’s not because people […]

How Presenters can Deliver Bad News with Poise

Public speaking can be difficult at the best of times. It’s hard for some people to overcome the nervousness involved with speaking in front of a roomful of people, as well as making sure that your voice is clear enough and loud enough that people at the very back can hear what you’re saying. Then […]

10 Easy Ways to Reduce or Eliminate Public Speaking Fear

Since we first started offering the Fearless Presentations ® classes in 2001, the most common question that participants have for our public speaking coaches is, “How do I eliminate public speaking fear?” Stage fright is one of those challenges that can develop in an instant as a result of a negative experience in front of […]

Practice Your Presentation with a Friend or Colleague

Avoid Practicing Your Presentation in Front of a Mirror Yes, you want to practice your presentation, but how you practice is really more important than the number of times that you practice a presentation. We are continuing with the 10 Ways to Reduce Public Speaking Fear series, and public speaking tip number 10 is to […]

Enthusiasm is the Secret to Fantastic Presentations

Energy and Enthusiasm is the Secret to All Great Presenters Most people know that the secret to being a great presenter is to have lots of energy and enthusiasm, but enthusiasm is also a great way to reduce public speaking fear. We are continuing with the 10 Ways to Reduce Public Speaking Fear series, and […]

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