The Causes of the Fear of Public Speaking and How to Overcome Them

You’re an expert in your field and you know what you’re talking about. After all, you’ve worked in your field for years. You’ve done your research and received critical acclaim, and possibly even some awards. But when you’re asked to speak in front of a crowd, which you often are, you break out into a […]

How to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills in One Week or Less

We’ve all been there. Perhaps you were attending a conference for work. Maybe you paid money for tickets to hear someone share knowledge on a subject you were interested in. Either way, you went to great lengths to hear someone speak – and proceeded to sit through a speech that you thought just wouldn’t end. […]

Top 5 Reasons to Improve Your Presentation Skills

The statistics about people’s anxiety about public speaking are well known, and many public speaking coaches will quote The Book of Lists claiming that the fear of public speaking is greater than the fear of death. Other coaches will reference the Jerry Seinfeld joke saying that people at a funeral would rather be in the […]

6 Phrases You Should Avoid in Your Next Speech-At ALL Costs

In the business world, we’ve heard hundreds of speeches. Some, like Martin Luther King Jr.’s legendary speech, stick in our minds from our school days. Others, we simply endure and sit through, because we have no choice. Chances are you’ve been asked to give a speech at one time or another. You know you’ve got […]

Want a Career as a Public Speaker? Ways to Build Public Speaking Credentials

It’s easy to develop a career as a public speaker, if you’ve got the celebrity status to back you up. If your last name is Trump, Kennedy, or even Kardashian, chances are that there will be no shortage of people lining up to pay money to have you in their event. So, if you are […]

Presenters, Here are 4 Powerful Ways to Start Your Speech

Jitters, sweaty palms, scratchy throat, you’re practically shaking. Someone called you to the stage. The time has come, the time you’ve prepared for — and dreaded — for weeks. You’re about to give a speech. You take the mic and all heads turn to you. Suddenly, you’re extremely aware of the fact that people are […]

A Worthwhile Investment? Public Speaking Workshops for Millennials

Recently, I was out to dinner with an industry colleague at a new and trendy restaurant. The lights were not too dim and the music was not overpowering which made this a great choice for catching up and having a conversation. The restaurant seemed to attract a good mix of clientele from the more mature […]

How to End Your Presentation with a Bang

Have you ever heard a great speaker end an amazing talk with a lousy “Thank you,” or worse, “That’s it folks, any questions?” Such endings are anti-climactic. You went through all that effort to deliver a good presentation and that’s how you end it? That is a real shame when it happens. To your audience, […]

4 Strategies for Handling Hecklers While Giving a Speech

Which is worse, hecklers or trolls? While they have a couple of things in common, such as mean and offensive language, trolls are able to hide their real identity in fake online accounts. The majority of them aren’t really mean in real life. Hecklers, on the other hand, are braver in a way that they’re […]

How to Stop Using Er, Um, and Other Filler Words in Speeches

Call me weird, but it’s sometimes painful for me to watch motivational speeches. These talks inspire me alright, but motivational speakers have slightly irritating habits of using consistent filler-words, phrases, (and sometimes gestures), and I’m not looking forward to my knee-jerk reaction of counting the filler words that I hear during a speech. In fact, […]

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