1A.3 Skill-Based Training Gets Better Results

Non-Indexed Sessions

Let’s Se If We Can Get a Little Better Retention…

Okay, So I remembered a Bunch of Pictures… So What?

The Guy Whose Date No Showed =90% of Your Nervousness Doesn’t Show
Writing Notes Word-for-Word =Never Write a Presentation Word-for-Word
The Memory Stick =Don’t Try to Memorize Your Speech
Pocket Watch =Show Up Early
Regulator =Take a Deep Breath
Emoji =Look for the Friendly Face
Drops the Gloves =Drop Your Hands
Experts are Picking Them Up =Speak About Things that You are an Expert
Lightning =Show Energy
Coach Leading a Practice =Practice with a Person

Take the Test Again

Take the test one more time. This time, though, think of each of the pictures that Doug gave you in the memory demonstration. Think about what tip that picture represented. If you get stuck somewhere along the way, start at the bottom and work your way up. You will likely meet in the middle somewhere.

Did you remember more this time than you did last time? Interesting… A minor change gives you big results.

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