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10 Deadly Sins That Turn Off Audiences

What To Avoid

Want to know what you should avoid while giving a presentation? Well, in this course we cover 10 of the biggest public speaking mistakes that presenters make. This is a list of what we call the 10 deadly sins that turn off audiences. Use it as a checklist for yourself. If you find that you sometimes do one or two of these items, then the list will help you identify what to work on.

10 Deadly Sins That Turn Off Audiences
Audience memebers

Skills to Become the Best Speaker

​We often talk about things that you should do when presenting but what about the things you need to avoid? In this course we are going to talk about making eye contact with your audience, not relying on your visual aids, and how to move naturally when speaking. You will be able use this checklist as a guideline to help you refine your skills and become the best speaker you can be.

10 Deadly Sins That Turn Off Audiences

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How to Naturally Make Eye Contact with your Audience

Using Visual Aids Effectively

How to Move Around on the Stage

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