Reduce Public Speaking Fear

Since we first started offering the Fearless Presentations ® classes in 2001, the most common question that participants have for our public speaking coaches is, "How do I eliminate public speaking fear?" Stage fright is one of those challenges that can develop in an instant as a result of a negative experience in front of a group, and it can take a while to overcome... Unless you get help from an expert. You see, public speaking is a skill that anyone can develop, and once you know a few tips and techniques, it is actually pretty easy. This short video series is designed to help you increase your self-confidence when you stand up to present your ideas.

We suggest that you view each of the 10 individual public speaking tips in one sitting, and then come back to them one at a time in the future. That way, you get reinforcement of each presentation tip over and over. Of course, if you want to be able to implement these tips in a short period of time, make sure and register for one of our in-person public speaking classes. We schedule a class every couple of months in major cities all over the world!

10 Ways to Eliminate Public Speaking Fear

  1. Realize that Most of the Nervousness that You Feel Can't be Seen by the Audience
  2. Never Write out a Presentation Word-for-Word
  3. Avoid Trying to Memorize Your Speech Word-for-Word
  4. Show Up to Your Presentation Early
  5. Proper Breathing will Reduce Public Speaking Fear
  6. Look for Positive Feedback from Your Audience When You Present
  7. What Do I Do with My Hands When I give a Speech?
  8. Design Your Presentations about Topics About Which You Are an Expert
  9. Enthusiasm is the Secret to Fantastic Presentations
  10. Practice Your Presentation with a Friend or Colleague

If you are ready to begin, start with Tip #1: Realize that Most of the Nervousness that You Feel Can't be Seen by the Audience