Hartford-Presentation-Class-2015Our Fearless Presentation Skills class in Hartford, CT started with the presentation coach, Laura Lewis-Barr, telling her own story of overcoming the fear of public speaking. Personal experiences, or stories, are a fast and easy way to, not only reduce public speaking fear, but also build trust and rapport with your audience. So, after some heartfelt introductions, the class participants settled into a day of practicing some of their own fabulous stories. One of the favorite stories of the morning was a sensory delight -- a decadent meal on a Grecian island. Yum! We were all starved by the end of Carrie's description. We also realized that we had conquered many fears and made new friends.

In the second day of the class, we began organizing our speeches. They were terrific! We learned about a seat cushion that would help us live longer (researched by Aetna insurance, it will be coming soon! One participant called it a "fitbit for the butt.") We learned about the benefits of a career in accounting, and the secrets of the design and current reconstruction of the US Capital Dome. Congratulations Hartford class, you were outstanding!

Class Location: 100 Pearl Street, 14th floor, Hartford, CT 06103
Date: August, 2015
Special Note:
Public speaking classes in Hartford are only scheduled once every year or so, so if you are interested in attending an public (open enrollment) class, call us toll-free at 800-975-6151. However, we hold classes in both New York City and Boston, MA every three months, and you can click on either of these links for upcoming classes.

Laura-Lewis-BarrLaura Lewis-Barr is president of Traning4Breakthroughs, and she is an expert presentation skills coach based in Chicago, Illinois. She teaches classes in Minneapolis, Chicago, Indianapolis, St Louis, and other cities in the Midwest, and works with clients all over the world.