2015 Nov Fearless Presentations Class in Boston, MA

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Boston, MA Oct 2015 presentation class

I had a great Fearless Presentations ® public speaking class in Boston, MA last week that was a great training ground for a number of prominent professionals from New England and New York. This presentation class, just like all of our public speaking classes, focused on helping the participants reduce or eliminate the nervousness and fear associated with public speaking, but that was just the beginning. We also showed each class member how to create compelling persuasive speeches from scratch with very little preparation, and we showed them easy ways to deliver their presentations so that they looked poised and in control when they spoke. A lot of times, when people see the name "Fearless Presentations ®", they think "basic" or "simple," but that is not really what happens in this program. The analogy I like to use is martial arts, because they say that a black-belt in martial arts is a master of the basics, and this is also true of our class graduates. You see, when you master the basics, the complex is relatively easy.

This class was taught at our Boston office located at Independence Wharf located at 470 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02210, and we conduct classes at this location every three months or so. To access a schedule of upcoming seminars here, click this link.