Denver-public-speaking-classes-2015The Leader's Institute® recently held its two-day Fearless Presentations® public speaking class in Denver, Colorado. While some of the presenters came to learn tips to overcome public speaking fear, others were there to sharpen their skills and deliver more dynamic presentations. A number of participants came to the class because they want to learn ways to make their presentations more exciting for themselves and the audience. An audience wants you to be good, so we work on ways for you to deliver stellar presentations that suit your personality style! In this class, Los Angeles based instructor Chris McNeany spent a good portion of the second day practicing and refining work related presentations that included analogies, audience participation questions, flip chart drawings, and quotes. By the end of the class, participants could see the difference between presentations relying solely on bullet points, and ones that incorporated these engaging techniques.

"Thank you Chris, you’re one of the best teachers I’ve had in a long time, so glad I was able to attend your class." -Norma Alarcon, Environmental Quality/Department of Environmental Health, City and County of Denver

This class was held on October 22-23 at:
Regus for The Leader's Institute®
1600 Broadway, Suite 1600, Denver, CO 80202