Public Speaking Class in Atlanta August 2017We had a really fun public speaking class in Atlanta, Georgia last week, that had participants from finance, sales, recruiting, social work, and even the owner of a modeling agency. One of the very nice things about open enrollment public speaking classes, is that the diverse industries represented in each class show how presentation nervousness is really common. The great news is that the way to overcome this nervousness is common as well. If you have stage fright (or even if you present well in front of groups, but you just want to get better), the best way to do overcome this challenge is to have a series of successes in front of a group. That is what happened in this group. The first day of the class covered a series of component exercises, and as each presenter mastered each component, the speed and ease that they developed in designing presentations was remarkable.

This Public Speaking Class in Atlanta Had a Diverse Need

This public speaking class was unique in that a couple of people from the group were very experienced presenters, and a couple of the people in the group were brand-new to speaking all together. Interestingly, though, as each person grew as a speaker, we all learned great things from each other. Each presenter received a huge round of applause at the end of their final talk.

Thanks to this fantastic group who attended the class in Atlanta!