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Virtual Meeting

Things that You Need to Know

The way that we teach people to design presentations is based on (1) focusing on the audience and what the audience wants and needs to know, and (2) make your content concise and entertaining. So, in those respects, yes, digital meeting creation is pretty much the same as an in-person presentation. However, there are seven important things that you need to know about online live meetings that make them dramatically different from other presentations. If you understand these key things, you can create powerful online presentations that leverage your time and your reach.

Virtual Meeting
Live Meetings

Seven Key Factors

In this course, you will learn seven key factors that go into creating a successful and productive online meeting. You will learn how much content to put into an online meeting, which presentation types are best suited for online meetings, and how long you should have them. Along with other tips that will allow you to be a master of virtual meetings.

Live Online Meetings: Three-Part Mini-Course

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Which types of presentations are best held online

How long online meetings should be

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