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7 qualities of a great public speaker

The Most Important Qualities of Public Speakers

What are the most important qualities of a good public speaker? What makes a great presenter? What are the qualities that allow one orator to get up in front of an audience and memorize the crowd while another fails? Well, science may offer the answer to these questions. When I first started teaching the Fearless Presentations ® classes, I did so because I knew from my own experience that the more self-confident a presenter appears to an audience, the more respect that the audience will have for that presenter.

In addition, chapter one of my first book was about enthusiasm, because I knew that out of all of the characteristics of a good speaker, enthusiasm was the absolute, most important. Over the years, though, our instructors have worked with over 20,000 presenters. Some had a natural presence in front of groups. Others, however, had to develop a public speaking skill in order to be perceived as being a great public speaker.

7 qualities of a great public speaker
Woman giving a good public presentation

Let's Get Started Standing Out

In this course we will cover seven different tips that the best public speakers follow. You will learn how to appear poised, confident, and how to use stories. You will learn that the best way to feel comfortable on stage is to talk about things in which you are an expert and that by sharing stories about yourself your audience will feel connected to you.

7 Qualities of a Good Public Speaker

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