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a good presentation should be both informative and entertaining

Looking for an Easy Way to Add Some Humor into a Boring Speech?

I want my speech to be fun. Lord knows that most of the presenters in these meetings are absolute bores. I want to be different. Should I tell a joke? What happens if they don't laugh? To make things worse, my audience is a bunch of stoic brainiacs. What happens if they aren't amused by my attempts at humor?

These questions and statements go through the minds of most presenters at one time or another. The truth is that anyone can easily add a little humor to a presentation in a way that the audience is sure to laugh with you. In fact, most audiences appreciate a little well-placed levity.

a good presentation should be both informative and entertaining

Three (3) Very Simple, But Very Effective Ways to Add Humor to Just About Any Presentation.

In this mini-course, we show you three very easy ways to add humor to your speech. The first secret is a way to build rapport with even the most stoic of audiences, capture and hold their attention in a positive way, and end the segment with a laugh every single time. In addition, we show you a simple way to find the perfect joke to insert into your presentation. The third secret allows you to explain complex or technical content to your audience in a way that will get your audience to better understand the content and have them see you as the real expert.

The Benefits of Adding Humor to your Speech

Adding humor to your speech has many benefits. They can make you appear more personable and relatable, which helps keep your audience engaged. Telling a funny joke about yourself can quickly ease the tension in the room, allowing both you and the audience to breathe and relax. Most importantly, it creates a memorable moment.

You want your audience to think about what you are saying EVEN AFTER you leave. Adding humor to your speech will help them remember what you are saying and allow them to continue the conversation after they leave. Ready to become the expert on adding humor to your speech? Fill out the form below to request more information on our "Add Humor to Your Speech Mini-Course"

How to Add Humor to Your Speech

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