August 2015 Fearless Presentations in Dallas, TX

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In August 2015 a great group of people met in Dallas, TX to overcome their fear of public speaking, improve their presentation skills and design the perfect Father of the Bride speech. A class of eight offers the participant more one on one coaching, more time to spend on the different modules. In addition the atmosphere is more relaxed and helps the participant feel more relaxed and in the end achieve more success. The Fearless Presentations Public Speaking Workshop is centered on the philosophy is that we have to have right attitude to develop a new skill, we must learn the proper techniques to be a great presenter, and to practice the new skills. "To practice the techniques learned in a small class setting was very beneficial, the feedback received was most helpful and the instructor was terrific"

002Just to name a few things the Fearless Presentation course covers is the power of stories and being persuasive without your audience feeling manipulated. Feedback suggested that people most benefited from the preparation and delivery advice for effective presentations. The group quickly bonded and it was hard not to notice the networking going on in the group. The group consisted of industries such as Real Estate, Finance companies, Pharmaceutical Company and a technical company. The video tapping was so helpful for me in realizing that 90% of nervousness doesn't show". “I got more from this class than I expected, it far exceeded my expectations and the instructor was fabulous”. 


Check the upcoming classes schedule for the class near you, like Baltimore, MD, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL and so many more.