If You Memorize Your Entire Presentation Word-for-Word, You Will Increase Your Stage Fright!

Many of the things that presenters do to reduce public speaking fear are the exact things that actually CAUSE the fear and anxiety. The biggest culprit in public speaking fear is trying to deliver a memorized speech. Remember from Tip #2, when you try to read a speech, you will likely sound monotone and boring. So presenters will often try to memorize this written speech to fix that problem. However, that logic doesn't even make sense. Whether you are reading a speech or reciting a memorized speech, your delivery will still likely be forced and monotone. The big challenge, however, is that if you are nervous already... and then you lose your place reciting a memorized speech, panic will set in.

So, you might have started out nervous, but because of the delivery technique, your nervousness INCREASES.

Memorize a Few Key Points Versus the Entire Speech

In the Fearless Presentations ® public speaking class, we show participants how to design entire presentations focused on key points or concepts that are most important to your audience. Then, spend the bulk of your presentation giving examples, stories, analogies, and other "impact ideas" to prove that your points are true. The fantastic thing about this process is that it is incredibly flexible. You can actually easily (and confidently) alter the content of your presentation somewhat as you deliver the speech to better customize the presentation to your audience. This process is so much easier than trying to memorize lines in a presentation or bombarding your audience with a "death by PowerPoint" presentation.

For details about how to develop this delivery style yourself, check out the schedule of upcoming classes on the Fearless Presentations ® class information page.

The video above is just a small part of the full 25 minute Fearless Presentations ® Orientation video with all 10 public speaking tips and much more. If you'd like to watch the full video from start to finish, click here!

The key thing to remember about this principle is that a memorized speech is not going to be very entertaining or effective for your audience, and it is likely to cause your public speaking fear to increase.

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