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2017 August Public Speaking Class in Atlanta, Georgia

Author: admin, 08/28/17

Public Speaking Class in Atlanta August 2017We had a really fun public speaking class in Atlanta, Georgia last week, that had participants from finance, sales, recruiting, social work, and even the owner of a modeling agency. One of the very nice things about open enrollment public speaking classes, is that the diverse industries represented in each class show how presentation nervousness is really common. The great news is that the way to overcome this nervousness is common as well. If you have stage fright (or even if you present well in front of groups, but you just want to get better), the best way to do overcome this challenge is to have a series of successes in front of a group. That is what happened in this group. The first day of the class covered a series of component exercises, and as each presenter mastered each component, the speed and ease that they developed in designing presentations was remarkable.

This Public Speaking Class in Atlanta Had a Diverse Need

This public speaking class was unique in that a couple of people from the group were very experienced presenters, and a couple of the people in the group were brand-new to speaking all together. Interestingly, though, as each person grew as a speaker, we all learned great things from each other. Each presenter received a huge round of applause at the end of their final talk.

Thanks to this fantastic group who attended the class in Atlanta!

2017 June Chicago, Illinois Public Speaking Class

Author: Laura Lewis-Barr, 07/28/17

2017 Chicago Illinois Public Speaking ClassA group of 13 fearless presenters gathered in Chicago to increase their skills or overcome some speaking fears. If a few were skeptical of their ability to change, by the end of our two days, the group marveled at the many transformations. One participant, who had talked about many fears of speech anxiety declared herself “cured!” The group was very supportive of each other. On the second day, pairs helped each other practice their speeches and practice their stories. We heard speeches about authenticity at work, how to grow a career, the usefulness of walkie-talkies at schools, information on the HIPAA act, and many other topics. Participants admired each other and then slowly came to accept that they too were doing terrific work. They came to realize that their nervousness was actually bringing energy to their presentations. And while each had feared that their topics weren’t interesting enough, all the participants eventually discovered that they were all interesting and inspiring communicators.

As our time came to an end the group shared business cards and vowed to stay in touch, helping each other continue to grow as vibrant speakers.

This Fearless Presentation ® was facilitated by Laura Lewis Barr on June 22-23 at the Regus Chicago —
321 N. Clark St. Ste. 500, Chicago, IL 60654, USA

If you are interested in attending a Chicago, Illinois public speaking class, click here for the upcoming schedule.

2017 May Washington DC Presentation Class

Author: Laura Lewis-Barr, 05/29/17

washington dc presentation classI had a great time teaching a Washington DC presentation class this month! High achieving Washington DC participants worked hard at their presentations. After practicing with partners, some rehearsed their stories one more time, retelling their tale out loud while pacing in the corner of the room. Some spent extra time helping to listen to a fellow student practice one more time. The group of ten also supported each other as they organized and then delivered their longer speeches on day two of the Fearless Presentation class. Whether the speech was an interview for a new job, saving baby seals in Canada, or offering reassurance to a Board of Directors about succession planning, the group asked each other great questions

It was exciting to see each person’s unique strengths. One speaker used dramatic pauses brilliantly. Another demonstrated impressive poise and focus. Another used dry humor effectively Several participants used excellent gestures and posture to convey dynamic leadership.

This Fearless Presentation class was led by Laura Lewis-Barr at the Hilton Garden Inn, 2201 M Street NW, Washington ,DC on May 19 and 20, 2017.

Looking for a Washington DC Presentation Class?

We teach presentation classes in Washington, DC three to four times per year. For a complete list of upcoming classes, visit the Washington DC class schedule page at By the way, we also teach classes in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York, so if you need a class on a different date, make sure and look at the regional class list here: Northeast Region.

2017 February Learning Together at Presentation Skills Classes in Chicago

Author: admin, 03/08/17

presentation skills classes in Chicago, ILAs a Fearless Presentation ® instructor, I always cherish our open-enrollment, two-day presentation skills classes in Chicago. I am continually privileged to meet incredible professionals in a wide variety of fields. What they all have in common is a commitment to ongoing personal development. Not only do they carve out a chunk of time from their schedules, many also exhibit great courage as they step into their (sometimes huge) fear of public speaking. But even with my high expectations of each FP class, I was especially inspired by the group that just finished classes in Chicago. They were soulful, articulate, and very supportive of each other as they tackled the art of storytelling and the challenges of simplifying ideas for listeners. They practiced diligently and by the end of the two days, each had a speech they could deliver to delighted audiences.

Days later, one participant reflected on his experience. “When you’re intimidated by something like public speaking, it’s so easy to feel alone–which just compounds the anxiety. But meeting you guys and being reminded that many of us are in the same boat–and more importantly–that it’s something we are working to overcome was a big part of what I took away from this experience. Thanks for your bravery. I found you all inspiring.”

Me too. Thanks Chicago FP.

2017 February Presentations Skills Class in Sunny Miami, Florida

Author: admin, 03/05/17

presentations skills class in Miami, FLI recently had the pleasure to conduct a fabulous presentations skills class for a handful of professionals in sunny Miami, Florida. Although our presentations skills class is called Fearless Presentations ® it is much more than just a way to reduce public speaking fear. In fact, many professional business people who attend the class are amazed at how big a jump they make in their presentation skills development in just two days. This program in Miami was really fun because we had a great mix of people from different industries, cultures, and locations on the map. One of the participants is the current Jamaican Ambassador to the United States, and she is currently stationed at the Jamaican Embassy in Washington, DC. Two of the participants were from Texas who enrolled in this presentation skills class, because the just missed the last program in Dallas, TX. Still another of the class members works for The History Channel and A&E discovering new programming for their channels in South and Central America. The final participant is a scientist who does research and development developing healthcare breakthroughs that save lives.

About halfway through the class, Audrey, the Ambassador, (who incidentally also is the CEO of eight different companies that she founded in Jamaica), mentioned that she was fascinated by the expertise in the room. She said, “Everyone has a fascinating story about how they got to where they are.” She is totally correct. One of the great things about classes like these is that they help people who have similar challenges (like nervousness speaking in front of a group) overcome these challenges together and build camaraderie along the way.

I wouldn’t be surprised if, in the next couple of years, A&E develops a new show in Central America about a certain former politician turned talk-show host.

For details about upcoming presentation skills classes in Miami, visit the link to the right.

October 2016 Fearless Presentations Class in Philadelphia, PA

Author: admin, 10/31/16

Nippy weather and rainy skies greeted us in Philadelphia as we kicked off our 2-day of Fearless Presentation ® public speaking class in Philadelphia, PA. As usual, our group was a mix of different professions from different industries. The presenters’ industries ranged from an Ivy League University to a person who sells baked goods. We also had one participant from the healthcare industry (see our new class for the healthcare industry –

philadelphia-public-speaking-class-2016Yet, each participant came for the same reason: to better get their message across to their respective audiences. Overcoming the fear of public speaking is a tough job but all of us got through it. We also learned the basics of storytelling and found that sharing your experience with your listener makes it easier to offer your advice and implement your suggestions. Participants also discovered that they did not need to be afraid of speaking to groups. Instead, through being creative and original, they could enjoy it. Asking for and getting change is one of the hardest things to do. Audience members often do not want to give up old behaviors and old ways of doing things. But with the right message, delivered the right way, it is possible to create change through being persuasive.

On day one, we learned the basics of a presentation, and on day two, we put those basics into action. We ended the presentation class with each person delivering their speeches from beginning to end with a tremendously clear improvement from when they first entered the class. Everyone went on to enjoy their weekend and looking forward to their next chance to give a talk. The Leaders Institute ® wishes you much success for your future presentations!

For a list of upcoming public speaking classes in Philadelphia, make sure and click this link! We’ll see you in our next class!

Energy Filled Fearless Presentations Class in Washington DC

Author: admin, 10/10/16

A great group of people met in Washington DC to overcome their fear of public speaking and to improve their presentation skills.  One of the key learning points for the group was understanding how important energy and enthusiasm is to a presentation.  There is an old saying that, “people will not get excited about your presentation unless the speaker is excited.”  This is a very true statement.  If you can’t be excited about your topic, then you can’t expect anyone in your audience to get excited. I hear many people in our Fearless Presentations ® Workshops tell me all the time that they are accountants or engineers and that “there is nothing exciting about explaining what they do.”  It’s important to understand that if the process that you are explaining isn’t exciting, then the results should be.  I remember a student told me that she sold accounting software.  Now, I have to admit that there isn’t too much excitement explaining why a company should stop using their software and start using your companies.  But, when I asked her what made her software better, she said that once their software was completely utilized, the average data entry person could save, on average, 4 hours a week because they wouldn’t have to make duplicate entries.  I don’t really understand what that means, but I can get excited about having an additional 4 hours a week to work on important tasks.  This is where the results are what you get the customer excited about.  So, next time you feel like you’re having a struggle with enthusiasm your topic, ask yourself, what the benefit of the Result is.  You should be able to get excited about presenting a great solution to even the non-exciting issues that they face.  For information about how you can improve your presentation shills, go to

For a Complete List of Upcoming Classes, Visit the upcoming presentation skills classes post. You can can click here for details about the Fearless Presentations ® class.

2016 July Presentation Class in Atlanta, GA

Author: admin, 10/03/16

presentation class in Atlanta, GAWe recently conducted another Fearless Presentations ® presentation class in Atlanta, GA. Six fearless speakers spent two days sharing stories and presentations. Perhaps they all weren’t fearless at the beginning but by the end of their many turns at speaking, each had a new level of comfort. Each also had further developed their styles, one salesman had a terrific ability with jokes, another company President had a wonderful delivery filled with dry humor. Each speaker found their own style and refined their content for their unique audience. By the end of our time they each had a prepared speech ready to deliver! This was the great benefit of attending both days.

Presentation Class in Atlanta, GA

On day one we heard stories about combat in Beirut, Center for Disease Control workers withstanding terrorism, college football victories, latest innovations in accident prevention at work, ways to create customer loyalty, and how to get auditors to leave your company as quickly as possible! We were a talented group with plenty of Southern charm.

This presentation class in Atlanta was held at our office located at Atlanta – Proscenium, 1170 Peachtree St N.E. Suite 1200, Atlanta, Georgia 30309. We conduct these classes every few months. For an updated list up future classes, go to this webpage:

2016 May Public Speaking Class in Washington DC

Author: admin, 09/16/16

May 2016 Public Speaking Class in Washington DCWe recently finished another Fearless Presentations ® public speaking class in Washington DC. Class ended on Friday the 13th but we felt very lucky. Five hardworking professionals learned just how talented and fascinating they are! We heard speeches about ways to keep our HVAC systems efficient and long lasting, how pets keep us healthy, how learning proper banking regulations can keep us out of jail, how the HR department can help companies retain employees, and ways to prevent trucking accidents. A day earlier we learned just how many great stories we have hidden inside us. One favorite involved buying thousands of dollars in gift cards to score free travel perks.

Fun Public Speaking Class in Washington DC

Fearless Presentation ® classes now offer a single day option. Six more Washington professionals had joined us on day one and shared their stories of making presentations to Congressional aides and government agencies. As a group we explored the challenges of speeches that required us to shift tones. In one case this involved talking about deadly accidents (somber) and then shifting to appreciating a colleague’s work ethic (optimistic). We explored the power of pauses and the dynamic power of an energetic tempo. Many in the group pushed themselves beyond their comfort zones of gesture and projection — just to see how dynamic they could be. The presentations were outstanding and both days were great fun. The time flew by. When was the last time you heard close to a dozen speeches and felt great afterwards?

This two day Fearless Presentation ® workshop was May 12 and 13, 2016 at 1101 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC.

2016 June Fearless Presentations Class in Chicago, IL

Author: admin, 07/15/16

2016 June Chicago Fearless Presentations ® class

2016 June Fearless Presentations ® Public Speaking Class in Chicago, Illinois

Some of our super speakers from our recent Chicago Fearless Presentation ® classes on June 16 and 17. Not only did they learn to harness their nervousness and turn it into charismatic energy, they excelled at organizing their ideas and practiced the art of storytelling. We learned about how improve games can help teams in business, how safety should be a value, not a “priority, how to design a healthy energy, among other topics.

This group bounded over two exciting days of sharing heartfelt stories. There was much laughter as the group discovered their hidden reserves of dynamic presence. They didn’t realize how much talent they had. Greg, a former graduate who came back for a refresher said, “Thank you for two great days!”

This Fearless Presentations ® Public Speaking Class was held at our Chicago office located at at CBD – River North, 321 N. Clark Street, 5th Floor, Chicago, IL 60654. You can call this office locally by dialing (312) 546-3026 ext-101. For a list of upcoming classes visit the seminar schedule page at

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