December 2009 Public Speaking Class in Las Vegas, Nevada

December 2009 Public Speaking Class in Las Vegas, Nevada Merry Christmas! We had our first public speaking class in Las Vegas, Nevada in a while a couple of weeks ago. So, Sin City now has a half-dozen new fearless presenters!

We help the class at The Orleans Casino just off the Strip. (Which, by the way, has an excellent Mexican food place on the second floor that is never crowded.) This location has all the hustle and bustle of other casinos. However, it has a convention area that is a little ways away. So, we didn’t have to deal with the smoke and distractions that are normal in Las Vegas.

The group had fun and were able to tackle a number of presentation challenges. A public speaking class is really the best way to reduce fear. It gives you a series of practice presentations in a controlled environment. So, you have a better chance at succeeding each time you stand to speak.

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