Fearless Presentations goes to Seattle, Washington on December 5, 2013 for a small group of seven to increase their comfort in presenting and their ability to deliver effective public presentations. Fearless Presentations is a 2-day presentation skills class and workshop which gives participants the tools to deliver powerful introductions, learn how to most effectively incorporate stories and examples into any topic. Some of the comments from the participants were “The tips on how to structure and deliver an impactful presentation were very helpful" and also “The power of stories make the presentation easier to deliver and helps you connect to your audience"
002We also suggest five tools to turn an okay performance or presentation into a presentation that your colleagues and boss will envy and get your audience energized. The end of the two workshop concluded with a final presentation that the participants developed. The results showed improvement and many happy graduates at the end of the two day workshop. Many expressed success in addressing their fear of public speaking; it was a great group, very enthusiastic, funny, and outspoken. More comments from the Seattle, WA class participants, “I learned the I can tell stories to engage and inspire people, there is power in even a single story”. “Thank you, I am ready to present with more confidence".