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We conduct the Fearless Presentations ® class and presentation seminar in Denver, Colorado at our Regus office located at 100 Fillmore Street, Suite 5000, Denver, Colorado, 80206. This office opens at 8:30 AM, registration begins at 8:45 AM, and the course takes place from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM both days with a one-hour break for lunch around Noon. To register for any of the public speaking classes listed below, just click the appropriate link. If you need additional information before registering for a class, return to the Class Locations page and complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Denver, CO presentation workshops are scheduled about once every four months.

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The Leaders Institute ® - Denver

100 Fillmore Street, Suite 5000
Denver, CO 80206 US

Phone: (720) 259-4380 ext-101
Office Hours: 8:30 AM - 8:00 PM



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by Heather Failla on Reviews from Participants

The instructor made the course very entertaining with thoughtful insights into being a great speaker. I loved his feedback on how I can improve. I would take the class again!

by Cari Hoffman on Reviews from Participants

It was a very informative class. I really liked the atmosphere. Not stuffy or intense. Obviously, learning to speak publicly takes practice but these 2 days were good first steps.

Don't See a Convenient Class?

Try a few of these cities that are fairly close to Denver: Seattle, WA | Las Vegas, NV | Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
Or contact us below and let us know you are looking for a program. (We often schedule additional seminars and workshops based on folks, just like you, letting us know that there is a higher demand than the schedule that we currently have can handle.)

A Few Past Workshops

  • 2015 October Public Speaking Class in Denver, Colorado The Leader's Institute® recently held its two-day Fearless Presentations® public speaking class in Denver, Colorado. While some of the presenters came to learn tips to overcome public speaking fear, others were there to sharpen their skills and deliver more dynamic presentations. A number of participants came to the class because they want to learn ways ...
  • February 2013 Public Speaking class in Denver, Colorado Fearless Presentations® in Denver, Colorado provides participants with numerous tools to work with to improve the quality of presentations. A few participants in this public speaking class were interested in learning some new techniques for structuring presentations.  Questions came up about the challenge of structuring presentations that are relatively short, but have a great deal of ...
  • November 2012 Public Speaking Class in Denver, Colorado Public speaking class enables participants to take their presentations to the next level. The Leader's Institute® conducted its public speaking class in Denver, Colorado to a group of enthusiastic participants who wanted to eliminate public speaking anxiety and improve the overall quality of their presentations. The focus of this 2-day class is two-fold:  to help participants ...


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