Speak on Topics About Which You are an Expert

If you want to reduce public speaking fear, give presentations about topics that you know pretty well -- topics about which you are the expert. We are continuing with the 10 Ways to Reduce Public Speaking Fear series, and public speaking tip number eight is to design your presentations using topics about which you are the expert. The good news is that, in the business world, if you are the one who is being asked to speak to a group, it is, most often because you have information that the audience doesn't yet have. That makes you the expert. (If someone else had the information, they'd be giving the speech.)

Most Public Speaking Fear Comes from Violating this Tip

Many people have a public speaking fear as an adult because of challenges that they had speaking in front of their peers in high school (or college). In high school, when we are asked to deliver a speech, it is most often a "book report". We are asked to give a presentation a book... well... that we probably didn't actually read. As a result, we are nervous as "all 'git out" when we stand to speak. Don't let challenges that you had presenting when you were a teenager affect your success as an adult.

If you feel nervous about speaking in front of a group, this nervousness is EASY to overcome -- if you have a good coach. Make sure and look at our schedule of classes at https://www.fearlesspresentations.com/seminar-schedule and register one in your area. We can help!

The video above is just a small part of the full 25 minute Fearless Presentations ® Orientation video with all 10 public speaking tips and much more. If you'd like to watch the full video from start to finish, click here!

The key thing to remember about this tip is that if you feel nervous when you present, it is likely because you were put in a difficult situation by a past teacher. Don't make the same mistake again! Let one of our public speaking coaches help.

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