Enthusiasm is the Secret to Fantastic Presentations

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Energy and Enthusiasm is the Secret to All Great Presenters

Most people know that the secret to being a great presenter is to have lots of energy and enthusiasm, but enthusiasm is also a great way to reduce public speaking fear. We are continuing with the 10 Ways to Reduce Public Speaking Fear series, and public speaking tip number nine is that enthusiasm is the secret to fantastic presentations. When your audience makes their first impression of you as a speaker, are they thinking, "this person is really good," or are they thinking, "man this is boring"? Your enthusiasm will likely determine this impression. If you have energy, your audience will give you good positive feedback (see tip #7: Look for Positive Feedback from Your Audience). When you see that positive feedback, your confidence will grow right away.

How Do You Show Enthusiasm When Your are Nervous?

The second day of the Fearless Presentations ® series is called Advanced Presentation Skills, and in that class, we cover an entire session about how to increase your energy. We give you five simple things that you can do to increase your energy so that your audience both likes your presentation and gives you great feedback that helps to grow your self-confidence. If you have registered for Day #1 of the class, you can add the Advanced Presentation Skills part of the class for just $600 which saves you $195!

The video above is just a small part of the full 25 minute Fearless Presentations ® Orientation video with all 10 public speaking tips and much more. If you'd like to watch the full video from start to finish, click here!

The key thing to remember about this tip is that enthusiasm fixes a lot of public speaking flaws. Increase your energy and you will decrease your nervousness!

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