The Leaders Institute ® hosted their signature Fearless Presentations ® workshop for the second time this year in Charlotte at the South park location in June 2013. The workshop that was given become a better speaker and reduce public speaking anxiety attracted a full classroom. Individuals ranged from various industries including the Continental Tire Company, who has been sending their employees over the past few years. The participants were in attendance to learn the secrets to becoming better presenters as many companies are requiring their employees to give presentations more frequently. The Leaders Institute uses a combination of knowledge and coaching in the two day workshop as a method to fortify and instill confidence in the participant rather than just a two day lecture session. They participate in exercises in how to be persuasive, why stories have a major impact in their presentations and how to write a speech in less than 15 minutes. The individuals learned to give a short introduction speech at beginning of the workshop to get their feet wet and as a point of reference. After two days of learning and coaching, the participants were astounded at their confidence and ability to deliver their final six minute presentations. The group was thankful and appreciative for their two day experience in the Fearless Presentations workshop.

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