The Leaders Institute ® held its Fearless Presentations ® fear of public speaking, where a group of 15 enthusiastic participants from The Core Institute were able to overcome the fear of public speaking in a 2-day public speaking class.

By getting up in front of the group and practicing the techniques taught by the instructor, The Core Institute participants were able to get rid of the sweaty palms, shaky voice, and other symptoms of nervousness that often come with public speaking.  One participant mentioned how much she was dreading the class beforehand, but by the end of the 2-day class, she said how much she enjoyed the class! Delivering presentations can truly be fun after eliminating the fear of public speaking.

The Fearless Presentations ® class is offered in Phoenix, Arizona and in cities across the United States.  The class is also offered on-site to meet a specific company's needs.

For a Complete List of Upcoming Classes, Visit the upcoming presentation skills classes post. You can can click here for details about the Fearless Presentations ® class.