Aug 2013 Fearless Presentations Miami, Fl

Past Fearless Presentations ® Classes


The Leaders Institute ® facilitated their signature public speaking workshop in Miami Florida in August, 2013. Ten participants from various industries attended the two day workshop looking to improve their public presentation skills. The participants were attracted to the Leaders Institute's ® Fearless Presentations ® workshop for its’ strong reputation in public speaking expertise. They first learned that the combination being coached and practicing a new skill after learning it ensures the chance of developing that new skill. The participants also learned how to reduce their nervousness and anxiety by recognizing and dealing with them. The participants were tasked to give an introductory speech which was videotaped at the beginning of the workshop so that could see that they did not look as nervous as they thought they did, this also served as a tool to measure their progress at the end of the second day. The class went through a series of exercises of how the use stories and examples are important to support their presentations. Each individual in the workshop had some great examples that they wove into their short topics and you could see the confidence starting to grow in their presentation skills. The workshop ended after the first day with the participants developing and delivering a persuasive speech that utilizes a special formula for effective audience buy in. The second day the participants were ready to start developing their final presentation or three point talk. They took all the knowledge and practice learned the first day and developed their final speech. The participants came up confidently one by one and delivered some fantastic presentations. They were amazed how much they had learned and the confidence they had gained from the two day workshop.

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