Another successful Fearless Presentation ® Public Speaking Workshop was completed in sunny Miami on November 15 and 16th. The participants met at a beach-side hotel to improve their presentation speaking skills. It was once again, as usual for Miami, a multi-national that had two goals in mind, to overcome their anxiety for speaking in public and to learn to design and deliver a more effective presentation. Countries like Croatia, St. Thomas Virgin Islands, and Canada, as several people from the United States participated in a two-day presentations course. The one thing that they all learned is that the fear of public speaking is universal, but something we can all do if we understand that public speaking is a skill that can be developed and mastered. The class saw significant improvement  at the end of the second day felt much more confident with their ability to speak clearly and concisely. Fearless Presentations ® will be back in Miami in February of 2012, make sure to sign up today and take the next step to improving your public speaking skills.

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