The Leaders Institute ® held their signature two day Fearless Presentations ® public speaking workshop at the Regency Suites in Raleigh, NC in May of 2013. The participants from various industries attended the two day workshop on the Leadership Institute’s reputation of helping people become better speakers and presenters. The beginning of the workshop started with the participants learning to deliver a simple introductory speech to warm them up. After the introductory speech exercise, the class learned what makes most people anxious when speaking and how to reduce that anxiety.

The second day of the workshop included more education on how the power of stories builds report and trust with your audience. The class also learned the three key components to create a persuasive speech. The participants reinforced their confidence throughout the workshop by practicing their presentations in front of the class. The results were very impressive as the participants came up one by one to speak. The two day workshop ended with a final presentation where you could see a marked improvement in the participants from the first day of of their instruction.

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