Add the Advanced Presentation Skills Session for Exponential Results!

Add Advanced Presentation SkillsCongratulations on taking your first step in eliminating public speaking fear by registering for the Fearless Presentations ® one-day seminar. Now, leverage your results with consistent professional coaching and personal growth so that you don’t regress and slip back into that anxiety and nervousness! When you complete the first day of class, and you are feeling more comfortable presenting, that is THE BEST TIME to continue your growth. You can leverage your results from day #1 by immediately attending the day #2 coaching session (while everything is still fresh on your mind). Day #2 of the Fearless Presentations ® series is called Advanced Presentation Skills, and your instructor will give you one-on-one coaching to help you develop your specific types of presentations and visual aids, show you how to add enthusiasm and energy to your presentations, and share with you ten (10) public speaking secrets that will add impact to your presentations. By registering now, you also will save $195 off the tuition versus purchasing the sessions separately!

Day #2: Advanced Presentation Skills: Optional Bonus Coaching Day

Office Opens at 8:30 AM | Class Time is from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Tuition is just an additional $600/person ($795 if purchased separately) and includes materials

  • One-on-One Presentation Coaching from Your Certified Instructor
  • How to Write a World-Class, Compelling, Speech in Just Minutes (Versus Days or Weeks).
  • Adding Evidence (Proof) to Your Presentation (not Just Data).
  • 10 Ways to Add Impact to Your Presentations.
  • How to Deliver a Presentation Slideshow Created by Someone Else.
  • Use Analogies to Make Technical Business Presentations Easier to Understand.
  • How to Use PowerPoint and Other Visual Aids
  • A Few, Simple, Public Speaking Secrets that Add Impact to Your Presentation
  • Showmanship is a Secret to Great Presentations!
  • Deliver Your Final Presentation with Guidance from a Certified Public Speaking Coach


BONUS #2: Receive the Entire
Fearless Presentations ® Online Study Course
A $199 Value for FREE!


Online Public Speaking SeminarIn addition, everyone who registers for both days of the Fearless Presentations ® public speaking seminar series also receives the entire five (5) session Fearless Presentations ® Online Study Course for FREE! One of the best ways to keep the information from the seminars fresh is to review the content from time-to-time, so we created the Online Study Course as a reference. Each of the five sessions contains videos of Doug Staneart, CEO of Fearless Presentations ®, delivering the content, so you receive the information straight from the world-class expert on presentation skills. In addition, sessions have downloadable handouts and PowerPoint templates that you can use over and over for every presentation that you develop in the future! Save $199


BONUS #3: Attend Day #2
Advanced Presentation Skills
Additional Times in a Year for Free


Additional-Sessions-Free-for-a-YearThe only way to overcome public speaking fear and develop profession presentation skills is to have a series of successes over time. The one-day Fearless Presentations ® seminar work very well, because it allows participants to have a series of public speaking successes in a controlled environment. Adding Day #2, The Advanced Presentations Skills seminar, leverages that success by allowing participants to have additional public speaking successes under the guidance of a professional coach. But what happens if, when you go back to deliver a few presentations at your office, things don’t go perfectly, and you feel like you need additional coaching. By purchasing the entire two-day Fearless Presentations ® series at one time, you get the ability to come back to the Day #2 coaching session as many times as you want for a whole year — for FREE! Since the focus of the Advanced Presentation Skills sessions is primarily one-on-one coaching for participants, the instructor (coach) can help you overcome specific challenges that you are facing. We conduct this session in over 30 cities around the world about every two months, so you have a fantastic opportunity to grow dramatically in the next 12 months!

Advanced Presentation Skills Schedule.

When registering for a session enter the Coupon Code “addday2” and Refresh the Total! *This Coupon Code is only valid for participants who have already registered for Day #1 of Fearless Presentations®

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