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In addition to all of the in-person public speaking classes and presentation coaching from Fearless Presentations®, our instructors have also created a series a fantastic online seminars (webinars). The courses listed below are our popular topics related to public speaking, but you can find other topics on our online store by clicking here: All Online Topics.

Fearless Presentations ® Online Seminar

online-public-speaking-seminarOur two-day presentation course is still, by far, the most popular choice for people who want to eliminate nervousness and look and feel more poised when they stand up to speak, but we know that the logistics of attending a class in person can sometimes be challenging. Sometime, participants need help right away and can’t wait for the next class. If you are dealing with any of these issues, then the online version of the course can be a big help. The course is divided into five separate sessions, so you can develop these presentation skills in a simple, step-by-step fashion. If you want to view the details of everything that is included in the course, go to

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Fearless Presentations ® Online Course

Get all five sessions below plus the eBook version of the Fearless Presentations book, and you’ll save $50 off of buying each session individually. Each session includes two videos of the live session, an MP3 version that you can download to your music device, online printed content, and most sessions have offline downloadable worksheets to help you apply the content in the “real world”.


Session #1: Ten Ways to Reduce Public Speaking Fear
This session covers chapter one of the best-selling Fearless Presentations book and includes two different videos of the author, Doug Staneart, explaining each of these time-tested tips to reduce stage fright. In addition, Doug teaches you how to actually memorize every single tip to show you how easy it is to memorize your speech (if you have to).
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Session #2: The Power of Stories
Stories and examples are one of the most often overlooked aspect of a presentation. Most speakers believe that the more data that you can cram into a slideshow, the better the presentation, but actually, a little data and an example often teaches and explains your content much more effectively. Stories are also an easy way to reduce public speaking fear!

Session #3: How to Design Presentations Quickly and Easily
This seminar covers an easy step-by-step approach that helps you organize your content into the key, most important items that your audience needs to know about the topic helps you organize your key points so that they are easy to remember and deliver. Use this technique to be able to present without relying on any notes.

Session #4: Add Energy and Enthusiasm to Any Presentation
The key to any great speech is the energy and enthusiasm of the presenter. Remember that there is no such thing as a boring speech… Only boring speakers. This session gives you five simple things that you can do while delivering your presentation that will help you keep your enthusiasm up. Since enthusiasm is contagious, your audience will be more interested in your and your content when you increase your energy!

Session #5: 10 Ways to Add Impact to Any Presentation
Now that you have a fantastically designed presentation and the energy to deliver the presentation with enthusiasm, now we want to add some finesse so that the you set yourself apart, in a positive way, from other (less experienced) speakers. This session covers more challenging aspects of a presentation like analogies, audience participation, showmanship, and more!

Remember that if you purchase the entire Fearless Presentations ® Online Course, you receive all Five sessions above plus the eBook.
You Can Eliminate Public Speaking Fear

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