The Leaders Institute ® conducted another very successful Fearless Presentations ® Workshop in Chicago, Illinois.  The participants learned how to overcome their fear of speaking in public and build self-confidence in their skills they learned in class.  Some were surprised to find out that they were not alone in their anxiety.  Public Speaking is the number one fear for most adults and is one of the main factors holding people back from achieving the success they desire in their field of employment.  Most people have a fight or flight feeling going on inside when they are asked to give a presentation in front of a group.  If at all possible, many people will avoid the opportunity to speak in public, just like running away.   But, on those occasions that they are unable to reject the request, they are anxiety-ridden and they feel forced to fight their greatest fear.  This is where the Fearless Presentations Workshop can offer the help they need to overcome that debilitating situation.  The participants are given powerful insights and skills that they can learn to overcome that fear.  So, If you are ready to do something about overcoming the anxiety by speaking in public or giving presentations, go to the and locate a class that will be coming to your area and sign up for a class.