February 2011 Public Speaking Training in Baltimore, Maryland

February 2011 Public Speaking Training in Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore, MD now has a whole new group of fearless presenters! Last week, we graduated another half-dozen students from the home of the Star Spangled Banner.

Six students attended our public speaking training in Baltimore, MD. Each came for a different reason. A few just wanted to get rid of the anxiety they felt from public speaking. Others wanted to be more persuasive. Still others wanted to be able to spend less time preparing for the speech and look more professional during the speech.

I’m a little biased, but I think they all achieved these goals and then some!

One of the reason that the best type of public speaking training is a class is that each person gets practice. Not just practice, though. Practice presenting in a controlled environment. Each class is a laboratory where a presenter can test the water and master their presentations without the risk of failure or embarrassment.

We offer this same laboratory in cities all over the world. For a list of upcoming public speaking seminars, click here!

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