Fun Group at Presentation Class in New York City

Past Fearless Presentations ® Classes


We had a fun group attend the Fearless Presentations ® class in New York City last week. Two of the presenters were from the medical industry, and in recent classes, I've noticed that an increasing number of doctors and others who specialize in medicine are beginning to attend presentation classes. With all the new regulations and changes in medical professions, communication skills -- especially presentation skills -- are becoming much more important. As with most of our seminars, a couple of the participants were from companies who offer technical solutions to their clients, because many people come to our programs to be able to take complex, technical information and become able to present their content in a clear and understandable way to non-technical audiences.

This class was held at our downtown office on the corner of Broad and Stone Street in the New York financial district, and we conduct these seminars about every three months or so. To view a list of the upcoming schedule, visit