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10 PowerPoint Tip Videos for just $49!

PowerPoint CoursePowerPoint Training is, by-far, the absolute most requested topic from participants in our speaking courses. A few years ago, I wrote an article about The Ten Biggest Power Point Mistakes and how to avoid them, and our instruction team decided to turn that article into a short, on-line training course. This course is great as a stand-alone training program, but it works best after someone has been through one of our in-person Fearless Presentations courses that are offered in major cities all over the US, Canada, and Europe. Regardless of how you access the information, this course is a quick and easy way to learn how to do a PowerPoint Presentation.

PowerPoint Course Curriculum

10 PowerPoint MistakesThe course contains 10 Simple PowerPoint Tip Videos and containing the 10 Biggest PowerPoint Mistakes and How to Avoid Them as well as a written explanation of each mistake. Each of the videos last two to five minutes, and each offers a valuable tip that will help you design PowerPoint slides faster and better than ever before. This simple step-by-step outline can help your PowerPoint Slideshows become a visual aid and a help to your audience versus a crutch for helping you remember way too much content!

  • What is the absolute worst way to start designing a PowerPoint Presentation? (Over 95% of all presenters do this.)
  • How many PowerPoint Slides should you have?
  • What is the best way to organize your bullet points?
  • How to use animation effectively.
  • How to use charts and graphs.
  • How to use pictures better.
  • The biggest preparation mistake that will cause you to lose your train of thought almost 100% of the time.
  • A simple bad habit that will cause you to lose all authority on the topic you are presenting and be seen as a weak presenter.
  • The second most-common habit that, when eliminated, will add energy and enthusiasm to your presentation.
  • How to control the content of your presentation from start to finish.

RegisterIf you really want to learn How to Do a PowerPoint well, then you can't miss this course! The tuition for this course is just $49, and you can access the content of the workshop for up to one year from the time that you order. In addition, if you decide to attend the Fearless Presentations® class later, you'll receive a coupon code that will give you a $50 discount off the tuition, so in reality, you can access this course for -$1! That is better than FREE!

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