1B- How to Introduce Yourself

How to Design a Good Talk of Introduction

The talk of introduction is the 30 second speech that occurs before the main speech. Here, you have the opportunity to introduce yourself and let your audience know some of your credentials. This can sometimes be a very difficult talk because no one really wants to brag about themselves, and it can sometimes be difficult to determine what information might be most important for the audience to hear.

Below is a Sample Outline

  • Name/Company
  • Your Position/Title (Keep it Short)
  • What problem do you help people solve?
  • What facts can you provide to prove that you can solve this challenge?


Example: Hi, I’m (Name/Company) Doug Staneart with The Leader’s Institute ®, an international leadership development company, and (Problem to Solve) I help people eliminate public speaking fear and create powerful and professional presentations. (Proof) Just in the last year, I have helped over 300 different people eliminate presentation jitters. What I’d like to get out of this class is…

Create Your Own Talk of Introduction

Assignment: Before submitting your introduction, find a coworker or significant other and practice delivering this Talk of Introduction once or twice!