3A – Add Enthusiasm and Energy to Any Presentation

Maintain Energy and Enthusiasm during Long Presentations

There are about five key things that a speaker can physically do at any time to insert energy into his or her presentation.

  1. Speed Up: Many people think that speaking fast is bad, but in reality, a person who speaks quickly is inserting energy and enthusiasm into his or her presentation. Walk faster, talk faster, and move faster.
  2. Increase Your Volume: Speak up just a little louder than normal, and you’ll get noticed. If you have a naturally quiet temperament, then you might need to stretch yourself to increase your volume.
  3. Move More: Move your feet more and gesture more to increase your energy. Most of us speak with our hands when we talk with someone one-on-one. Do the same thing in front of a group.
  4. Gesture Bigger: The bigger the room is, the more exaggerated your gestures will need to be. Small gestures portray timidity and shyness. Big gestures portray confidence and competence. Bigger gestures add enthusiasm.
  5. Change your Tone or Emphasis: When you come to a word or concept that is important, punch out the information with power. Place emphasis on important words. Place less emphasis or pause on concepts when appropriate.

Assignment: Focus on just one of these ways to add energy in your next presentation. Then, in the next presentation, focus on another. Continue the process until you have focused on each item a few times. You will notice that your audience will respond more positively to your presentations very quickly.