3B – Ten Ways to Add Impact and Content to Your Presentation

Add Impact and Content to Presentation!

Now that you have a great presentation outline and some ideas on how to keep the energy up in your presentation, let’s add a little more meat. Below are 10 options (Impact Ideas) that you can add as additional proof that your presentation bullet points are valid. Watch each video, and then complete the form below.

1.Story or Example
First-person stories starting with When, Where, and who.
2. Audience Participation
Ask open ended questions to illicit numerous answers from your audience to gain “buy in”.
3. Analogy.
Compare your complicated points to something that the audience already has experience with.
4. Anecdote.
Can be a 2nd person story or may even be a fictitious story that adds humor to your presentation.just make sure to tie the story into your point.
5. Demonstration.
Show as well as tell about the point you are making. If you are teaching a step-by-step process or showing a new product, then this may be very helpful.
6. Quote.
A testimonial from an expert or a client at the right time can add credibility.
< 7. Showmanship.
Be dramatic. Do something different. A touch of magic, a fancy poster, a contest, or anything else that will captire attention can make you more memorable.
8. Sample.
Anything your audience can see, touch, or feel will add clarity.
9. Name Drop.
If you don’t have a quote, then you can name drop others who agree with you.
10. Spontaneous Visual Aids.
A hand-drawn idea or hand-written text on a flipchart or white board can add spontaneity to your presentation.

Let’s Put the Final Touch on Your Presentation!

Use the form below to add in a few additional items to your presentation. Theoretically, you should have your great title, three of your most important bullet points, and a story/example to backup each bullet point. In the form below see which of the Impact Ideas above might be useful to add an additional piece of evidence for each of the three bullet points.