Videoing Your Presentation and Reviewing It Alone

If you video your presentation, you will take everything that we just talked about and intensify it exponentially. Many of my competitors believe that watching yourself on video is the key to a better presentation. However, I have found that the opposite is true. (Remember, everything that you have ever learned about public speaking is wrong.) When most people see themselves on video, they are often more critical than when they practice alone.

I remember when I was a kid, we used to have cassette recorders. (Yes, I know I am very old.) I remember my brother and I recorded songs off the radio so that we wouldn't have to buy them from the record story. We thought that it would be fun to pretend to be the disc jockey in between songs. I remember hearing my voice for the first time. My reaction was, "Who is that little girl speaking?" My voice when I heard it on tape was TOTALLY different than how I heard it in my head. You will likely do the same. You will, most likely, have a negative reaction to watching yourself on video.

We do use some video feedback in our Fearless Presentations ® classes. However, our instructors are trained to point out the things that you are doing right. So, our instructor is constantly pointing out what a class member is doing well throughout the entire video review. When you review your video alone, you won't get that positive feedback.

Just like in the previous tip, practice once or twice with at least one person. Stay away from video feedback unless you have a trained presentation coach helping you.