Most Often, Your Audience is on Your Side

Public speaking tip number six in the 10 Ways to Reduce Public Speaking Fear series is to look for a friendly face in your audience. Remember that, for the most part, your audience wants you to do well. Your audience is on your side. Your audience wants you to present well. You see, no one want to sit through a boring presentation, so, most often, your audience wants you to be both interesting and entertaining. When you say something that your audience agrees with, you will often see people in your audience slightly nod their heads. When you say something that is funny, folks will politely laugh and smile. These are all positive signs that you are communicating with with your audience.

Avoid Too Much Eye Contact with the "Joy Suckers".

There will also be people in your audience who don't want to be there. They are what one of our instructors calls the "Joy Suckers". He says that these are the people who can suck the joy out of any room. Keep in mind that in a lot of situations, these people are focused on something other than you or your presentation, and their disconnect has nothing to do with you. However, since they will be offering negative visual feedback, they can sometimes throw you off your game when you are presenting. If you focus your attention on the friendly faces, though, you can actually sometimes win the joy suckers over. If you focus on the joy suckers... you will probably struggle with your confidence.

So look for the friendly faces in your audience when you present, and your confidence will grow with each new sentence!

The video above is just a small part of the full 25 minute Fearless Presentations ® Orientation video with all 10 public speaking tips and much more. If you'd like to watch the full video from start to finish, click here!

The key thing to remember about this tip is look for the positive visual feedback from your audience, and your confidence will grow.

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