Mar 2013 Fearless Presentations Charlotte, North Carolina

Past Fearless Presentations ® Classes


The Leaders Institute ® held their signature two day Fearless Presentations ® public speaking workshop at the Regency Suites in Charlotte, NC in March, 2013. The eager participants were looking forward to improving their public speaking skills in order to deliver more effective presentations. The group was comprised of managers and top level executives from various industries from the southeastern portion of the United States. These individuals had to give frequent presentations and also wanted to be able to communicate better with their superiors and subordinates.The group was videoed at the beginning of the workshop so that they could see their marked improvement and the end of the two day session. During the two day workshop, the group was educated the first day on how to reduce their public speaking anxiety, utilize the power of stories, and learn the formula for being persuasive. The Leaders Institute teaches how properly prepare your speeches and overcome the universal fears that keep successful people from delivering to effective presentations.

The participants spent the second day developing and constructing the “three point talk”, a simple formula for clear, concise presentations. The participants practiced and were coached throughout the entire seminar to ensure their success. At the end of the workshop the participants were then ready to deliver their successful presentations. Their successful end results were evidenced from their final videos that showed  poise, organization and assurance in their presentations. You could see the confidence in their eyes and knew that the graduates were truly transformed speakers who were grateful for the learning experience.

So if you or your company is looking to improve your presentation skills, the Fearless Presentations workshop will prove to be the solution to help you overcome the obstacles that prevent you from giving your best presentations

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