March 2013 Fearless Presentations Workshop in Phoenix Arizona

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Phoenix FP 3-12 013The participants in the Fearless Presentations Workshop in Phoenix Arizona learned how important it is to understand that most audiences don’t want you to be scared or nervous when you speak in public.  As presenter’s we sometimes feel that they are only there to watch us fail and embarrass ourselves. They understand what it’s like to have fear when standing up in front of a large or small group.  Because fear of public speaking is the number one fear for most people, they really are pulling for you deliver a great speech and not be nervous.  That’s one of the reasons that when you look into an audience, there are several people smiling back at you.  So the next time you feel scared or nervous when delivering a presentation, look out for the smiling faces in the crowd and it will help settle you down and speak with confidence.  So, consider Fearless Presentations for all your public speaking needs.