Metronic-Presentation-Skills-Coaching Recently, two employees at Medtronic in Parsippany, NJ were looking to up their game. (Medtronic is a global medical device company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Their operational headquarters is in Fridley, Minnesota Medtronic is the world's largest standalone medical technology development company. As presentation skills are an important part of the day to day for individuals working in sales and service solutions, both employees were excited for a semi-private day of Fearless Presentations® training and coaching. Although, we often conduct our two-day Fearless Presentations ® classes in New York and New Jersey, these two participants wanted a little more focused presentation coaching based on the specific types of presentations that they deliver on a day to day basis. So, personal presentation coaching was the perfect option!

Participants spent a full day with Leader’s Institute® Instructor, Michelle Riklan. The three women got straight to work! After a solid introduction, overview, and explanation of what the program entailed, participants uncovered and worked through eliminating the fears of public speaking. As they moved on through the day, participants learned and practiced an introductory speech, a persuasive speech, and ways to enhance speaking by including powerful stories. Both participants were particularly grateful for the opportunity to practice what they learned. The intimate setting allowed for both to really identify their strengths and sharpen their skills.

Both saw significant improvement by end of day and felt much more confident in their presentation abilities. They claimed onsite that the class was incredibly helpful and they would certainly consider the more advanced program for future.