Our Workshop follows the Super Bowl in Indianapolis

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The Super Bowl wasn’t the only important event in Indianapolis, IndianaThe Leaders Institute ® held another Public Speaking Workshop right after the historic game.  The people attending the workshop realized that they had a lot in common with the football players.  They learned that it takes practice to be great at anything involving skill.  Just as football players practice non-stop to be great at their sport, so do great public speakers. The only way to have confidence in your skills as a great presenter is to practice those skills very regularly until you have the boldness and confidence that those players did as they stepped on the field for the most important game of their career.  Many times people are assigned an important presentation that will make or break their career. In those situations, you need two important things, a good coach and a whole lot of practice.  The Leaders Institute ® Instructors have conducted hundreds of workshops and had thousands of people successfully develop the skills and confidence to deliver a game winning touchdown of a presentation.   With the help of a professional instructor, participants learn to overcome anxiety and design a highly impactful and engaging presentation.

So, get off the bench and get in the game and attend one of Fearless Presentation ® Workshops held all over the country.  You can find a location near you by going to FearlessPresentations.com.

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