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The group who attended the Fearless Presentations Workshop® in Atlanta learned the importance of the proper use of audience participation.  Many people try to get their audiences involved in their presentations, but end up struggling to get people to participate.  .The first mistake people make is that they ask rhetorical questions and then wait for an answer.  Questions like, “Who wouldn’t want an extra $500.00 on their next paycheck?”  Now, this is a silly question because no one in their right mind would turn down the extra money.  It comes across as very manipulating when we ask a question that only has one true answer, especially if you wait for a response.  I remember once going to one of the home and garden shows in my city and had one of the cookware salespeople asking very silly and manipulating questions, like “Who here wants to save money on their grocery bills? And who wouldn’t want to eat healthier.”  He literally waited till most of the audience nodded their heads YES before continuing on about how buying this cookware would help them save money and eat healthier.  He lost all his credibility with his audience and after the second or third time of doing this, many people just got up and left his demonstration.  He lost potential sales because of the silly and rhetorical questions he asked. So the next time you ask your audience a question make sure that there is more than one answer so that you don’t frustrate and potentially manipulate your audience. For more help in becoming a better speaker and a Fearless Presenter, attend one of the Fearless Presentation ® Workshops in a city near you.  You can find a list of the upcoming classes by going to

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