If You Make Too Many Presentations Notes (Or Bullet Points) You Will Likely Read Your Presentation

Most people feel like when they prepare a speech, they should write the entire thing out word-for-word so they are more clear. They want to better organize their thoughts. That is a HUGE presentation mistake. When you write a speech word-for-word, or even if you just put lots of bullet points into your PowerPoint presentation so you don't miss anything, you will most likely fall into the presentation trap where you read your speech to your audience. Think about it, if your audience could get the gist of your presentation by reading your PowerPoint slides, why do they need you as the speaker?

Presenters who read their entire presentations to their audiences are almost always BORING. In fact, if you eliminate this bad habit from your preparation, you'll make your delivery so much easier and your presentation so much more enjoyable to listen to.

There is a Better (and Easier) Way!

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The key thing to remember about tip #2 is that the way that you prepare for your speech can either add nervousness or reduce nervousness. Never write your speech word-for-word, and you can eliminate a lot of this public speaking fear very quickly.

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