November 2012 Fearless Presentations in Boston

Past Fearless Presentations ® Classes


The Leaders Institute ® held another Fearless Presentations® public speaking course in Boston, Massachusetts that had a good-sized group of professionals.

In the midst of an early-season snowstorm, about a dozen participants braved the weather to attend the two-day workshop.  The class enjoyed working in creating their talks from scratch as well as bouncing off ideas with each other to create high impact final presentations. Amongst the group, we had an executive from Audi, a shoe designer for Timberland Apparel, consultants from two of the Big 4 Accounting firms, as well as a government contractor who helps to design safer airport traffic.  Other participants represented the baby products, real estate, pharmaceutical, and medical industries as well.  All in all, the truly diverse set of skill sets and experiences provided a valuable playground for individuals to deliver powerful presentations that remained memorable for the audience regardless of what industry they were from.

The participants walked away from the class better prepared to communicate their message to their respective audiences.  The successes they created in the classroom setting could be carried forward in any situation. You can have similar success. We offer classes in Boston every few months, and we visit cities in New England such as Hartford, Providence, and New York as well in the Northeast US.

Mitesh Kapadia is the Regional Instructor for the Northeast region. He is based in New York City, but he also teaches in Newark, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and all New England Cities including Boston, Providence and Hartford.