November 2012 Fearless Presentations Seminar in Charlotte

Past Fearless Presentations ® Classes


A great group of people met in Charlotte North Carolina to overcome their fear of public speaking and to improve their presentation skills. A class of eight offers the participant more one on one coaching, more time to spend on the different modules. In addition the atmosphere is more relaxed and helps the participant feel more relaxed and in the end achieve more success. The Fearless Presentations Public Speaking Workshop is centered on the philosophy is that we have to have right attitude to develop a new skill, we must learn the proper techniques to be a great presenter, and to practice the new skills.  But, participants found that the biggest difference between this workshop and others they have attended was the Coaching provided by one of the Leaders Institute’s qualified and experienced instructors. "The instructor was a very nice and thoughtful presenter; she remembered many details in all the presentations given that day".

Just to name a few things the Fearless Presentation course covers is the power of stories and being persuasive without your audience feeling manipulated. One of the key learning points for the group is to understand how important energy and enthusiasm is to a presentation.  Another participant said “I learned the benefit of using various impact features will strengthen your presentation". The group quickly bonded and it was hard not to notice the networking going on in the group. The group consisted of three women who worked in the same school district, very helpful in the future as they can guide each other if needed. Everyone shared openly and enjoyed the different activities aimed at increasing their comfort in presenting and their ability to deliver effective public presentations. Feedback suggested that people most benefited from the preparation and delivery advice for effective presentations. "The course was very interactive and we were able to practice the sessions taught which was very helpful and I also enjoyed watching the other classmate present".

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