November 2012 Public Speaking Class in Denver, Colorado

Past Fearless Presentations ® Classes


Public speaking class enables participants to take their presentations to the next level. The Leader's Institute® conducted its public speaking class in Denver, Colorado to a group of enthusiastic participants who wanted to eliminate public speaking anxiety and improve the overall quality of their presentations.

DenverThe focus of this 2-day class is two-fold:  to help participants improve the delivery of presentations, and provide different options for structuring presentations.  In this particular class, each participant improved their delivery with just minor adjustments.  While most came into the class with a way they typically put presentations together in the workplace, they were able to learn from three different options for structuring presentations.  These structural templates make presentations more streamlined, while actually reducing preparation time.  There's always room for improvement and ways of keeping presentations fresh, and this class provides the tools for people to continue to use after the class.

The Leader's Institute® travels to Denver, Colorado every three months, and teaches class across the U.S. and Canada year-round.  This public speaking class is a great way to improve presentation skills.

Chris McNeany
Chris McNeany is a Vice President and Instructor for the Fearless Presentations® course. He is based in Los Angeles, California, but he teaches classes in San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Seattle as well.