Fearless Presentations® is a two-day class designed to help participants cope with the fear of public speaking and give tools to improve both the delivery and structure of presentations.  The Fearless Presentations ® class in November had participants from quite a range of professions:  including health care, life coaching, social media, and aquatic engineering.  What they all shared in common was a fear of public speaking.  At the beginning of the two-day class, they learned specific techniques to help lay to rest this fear, which they were able to implement in a building-block approach with each exercise.  The class is structured so that everyone gets up in front of the group repeatedly to do each exercise, culminating in a final presentation where participants are able to learn tools for putting together presentations in a fast, easy to learn process.  By the end of the second day, they were able to deliver advanced, work-related presentations that would have seemed far out of reach at the beginning of the first day The instructor also covers ways to most effectively utilize visual aids, including tips for PowerPoint.

IMAG0735 (3)Fearless Presentations® is a great way to take your presentations to the next level, whether your degree of public speaking anxiety is minimal or a major concern.  "I can honestly say that I learned that things aren't as bad on the outside as I thought they were in my head". Graduates have noted their peers see them in a whole new, confident light after taking the course. "Chris, what a great teacher! You made an anxious situation into a manageable one.  " Class was Great and Chris is a total pro, it was a great experience". "I definitely gained a lot from this class.  It was also a nice bonding experience with the other attendees and quite possibly one of the best seminars I have ever attended". This public speaking class comes to Phoenix, Arizona every four months and across the U.S. year-round.

Chris McNeany
Chris McNeany is a Vice President and Instructor for the Fearless Presentations® course. He is based in Los Angeles, California, but he teaches classes in San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Phoenix as well.