October 2013 Public Speaking Class in San Diego, California

Public speaking class in San Diego, California gives participants tools to overcome public speaking anxiety and build confidence in front of a group.

IMG_0066Fearless Presentations® is a two-day class designed to help participants cope with the fear of public speaking and give tools to improve both the delivery and structure of presentations.  This class had a range of participants from different industries, including engineers, government workers, and a former Olympic athlete!  The class is structured so that everyone gets up in front of the group repeatedly to do each exercise, culminating in a final presentation where participants are able to learn tools for putting together presentations in a fast, easy to learn process.  The instructor also covers ways to most effectively utilize visual aids, including tips for PowerPoint.

Fearless Presentations® is a great way to take your presentations to the next level, whether your degree of public speaking anxiety is minimal or a major concern.  Graduates have noted their peers see them in a whole new, confident light after taking the course.  This public speaking class comes to San Diego, California every four months and across the U.S. year-round.

Chris McNeany
Chris McNeany is a Vice President and Instructor for the Fearless Presentations® course. He is based in Los Angeles, California, but he teaches classes in San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Phoenix as well.

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