When people come to us to improve their Presentation Skills through our Fearless Presentations course, most of the time they carry the mindset of

“I have to make presentations because of the work that I do.  If I had a choice, I would totally avoid it!”

However, the most amazing part after the class is folks going back to their workplaces with transformed perspectives.  The biggest Ah-Hah moment for participants is that success as a presenter has little to do with what we say, but has much to do with the mindset we carry while in front of an audience.

As many of you have heard me say in class, “A knife in the hands of a Doctor can save lives, while that same knife in the hands of a thief can take a life.”  It’s the same with our perspective. If we view presentations as a necessary evil, or see our audiences as a threat and associate it as a painful situation, we’ll likely falter. However, if we view presentations as an opportunity to communicate a message, or see the members of our audience as one of our own and welcome the situation, we’ll surely find success in the process.

It’s always rewarding to hear people tell me months after the class that,

“I used to shun the opportunities to be in front of an audience, after the class I had a shift in my outlook, it’s unbelievable how many opportunities are available and come my way now”

Behind every fear is an amazing opportunity that is waiting to be seized.

What opportunity is waiting to be embraced by you?

Mitesh Kapadia is the Regional Instructor for the Northeast region. He is based in Chicago, but he also teaches in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and all New England Cities including Boston, Providence and Hartford.

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