Fearless Presentations ® Public Speaking Classes

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Eliminate Public Speaking Fear.

Fearless Presentations ® Public Speaking Classes Help You Eliminate Public Speaking Fear!

Fearless Presentations ® offers a number of different ways to get rid of nervousness when you stand up to present. We offer pre-recorded online public speaking courses, in-person seminars, and live, virtual public speaking classes. We also have a library of free articles, videos, and audio files to help you become a more self-confident speaker. To start your journey to becoming a fearless presenter, click any of the links below!

Choose Between In-Person Seminars or Virtual Presentation Classes

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Choose Your Way to Build Self-Confidence.

Build Self-Confidence with Virtual Classes

Virtual Presentation Training

  • All the Content, Coaching, and Practice of The In-Person Classes.
  • Classes are Scheduled More Often.
  • Participants Receive a Recording of Entire Course Upon Conclusion.
  • Digital Participant Guide and Textbook.
The Best Way to Build Confidence is In-Person Classes

In-Person Public Speaking Classes

  • 2-Day Public Speaking Classes in Over 30 Cities.
  • Class Sizes are Limited to 10 People or Less.
  • Small Classes Insure One-on-One Coaching from the Instructor.
  • Printed Participant Manual and Textbook.
  • Videos of Your Presentations for Future Reference.
Online Classes Help Increase Self-Confidence in Privacy of Home

Online Recorded Sessions

  • Study on Your Own Time at Your Home or Office.
  • Entire Fearless Presentations ® Offered as a Recorded, Interactive Course.
  • Digital Templates to Create Presentations and Visual Aids.
  • Plus Dozens of Mini-Courses that Typically Take Less than an Hour to Complete.

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Our Programs Build Self Confidence

The Latest Articles & Podcasts to Build Self-Confidence and Become a More Powerful Presenter.