Podcast 1: 10 Ways to Eliminate Public Speaking Fear


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Podcast 1: 10 Ways to Eliminate Public Speaking Fear Part 1Below are the podcast notes for the first ever Fearless Presentations ® podcast! In this first episode, Doug Staneart start with a quick introduction of how he got started in the public speaking business. This week’s Tech Find was an Apple App called Educreations Interactive Whiteboard App. And the Hot Topic for this week was part one of a two part session on 10 Ways to Eliminate Public Speaking Fear. Doug speaks about the first five tips on this podcast and will cover the remaining tips on the next podcast. The Fearless Presentations ® Podcast is being offered as a way to access content from the 2-day Fearless Presentations ® classes via MP3 or podcasting services.


Although these are the notes from our first ever podcast, we have been in the presentation skills business for over 20 years. We offer over 200 public speaking classes every year. Many of our classes are in the form of “open enrollment” classes that are open to the general public. We also offer private classes for groups and companies that are more customized to the individual group needs.

Doug StaneartDoug started as a speaker in a much different way than most professional speakers. He started with a miserable failure as a speaker in front of a group, and he used that challenge as a catalyst to create an entirely new career. Doug’s first formal presentation in the business world was as an intern in college. (On the podcast, Doug goes into detail about how miserable the experience was.) Because of that perceived failure, though, Doug vowed to never make that mistake again, and he began reading every book he could find on the subject and attending training seminars to help him shore up that weakness. He found a speaking coach in West Texas who spent three months coaching him, and within six months of finishing the coaching, Doug was promoted to a manager at his company and was making more money in his bonuses each month than in his previous position. Doug went back to the coach with his success story and asked her how he could help others in a similar way.

Tech Find: Educreations Interactive Whiteboard App

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard AppThe Tech Find for this episode is the Educreations Interactive Whiteboard app offered in the Apple App Store. An app like this can be very helpful to speakers because it allows the speaker to post pictures and electronic visual aids and can also be edited. Doug mentioned that in his smaller group presentations that he will often project his slides onto a white board or flip chart, and this allows him to be able to use a marker to highlight items on the slides. This also allows the speaker to add additional information in a more spontaneous way while speaking. The electronic whiteboard app allows the speaker the same type of flexibility, but without having to have a whiteboard in the room. This can be very helpful in larger groups where a whiteboard wouldn’t be logical. Most presentation slide programs like PowerPoint will allow speakers to save their slides as images, and these images can be uploaded to Educreations to use as either slides or as interactive piece that the speaker can annotate and highlight. We mentioned on the podcast that this app was available for both iPad and iPhone, but it appears that it is actually only available for iPad. You can access the app by clicking this link: Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

Hot Topic: 10 Ways to Eliminate Public Speaking Fear (Part 1)

Below are the five ways to eliminate public speaking fear that Doug mentioned on this podcast.

  1. Realize that Most Public Speaking Symptoms are Unseen by the Audience. Even though public speaking nervousness symptoms like butterflies in the stomach, racing heart, shallow breathing, and shaky hands can be distracting to us as speakers, most of these things will be unknown to the audience. In fact, some symptoms like speaking faster and moving more can be perceived by the audience as being symptoms of enthusiasm.
  2. Never, Ever Write a Speech Word-for-Word. The biggest mistake that a presenter can make is to write out an entire speech word-for-word. When we do this, we are most likely going to read it to the audience. (Which is really boring.) Many speakers today claim that they would never do something like this, but they also fall into the trap of making a separate bullet point for every, single item that they will cover in the speech. In all practical terms, this is still reading your speech.
  3. Avoid Memorizing Your Entire Speech. Because we know that we sound boring when we read a speech, we often get stared by the second most common trap which is trying to memorize your entire speech. If you are nervous already, and you memorize your entire speech, your nervousness will shoot through the roof if you lose your place. In a later Podcast, we will show you how to design better presentations so that you can avoid both of these pitfalls.
  4. Show Up Early. If you are the presenter, show up well ahead of your start time. Give yourself time to work out any bugs in setting up your visual aids, etc. Also, get a feel for the room and the setting that you will be presenting in.
  5. Take a Few Deep Breaths. When our heart starts beating faster, it causes a number of public speaking fear symptoms. These symptoms include shortness of breath, queasy stomach, losing your train of though, and more. If you take a couple of deep breaths from the diaphragm, you will slow down your racing heart a little which will reduce a lot of these symptoms.

We will cover the remaining five ways to eliminate presentation fear in the next podcast! Make sure to subscribe to the podcast to access new sessions when they are released.

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