Fearless Presentations Podcast This session is a great interview with Mike Vayda of Presentatable U who gives what he called Seven Silver Bullet (Points) that will help you create much better PowerPoint Slideshows. We also have a new TechFind this week which helps you digitally print your presentation handouts and manuals and have them delivered anywhere in the US in less than 24 hours. The Fearless Presentations ® Podcast is being offered as a way to access content from the 2-day Fearless Presentations ® classes via MP3 or podcasting services. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast to make sure you receive new episodes as they are released.

Tech Find: Mimeo

Mimeo Screenshot Mimeo.com was one of the inventors of digital, on-demand publishing. Over a decade ago, I started using Mimeo to print my training manuals for client when I was creating custom content for each specific client (I still use Mimeo for this by the way). Mimeo was able to get their cost down to just over the cost of mass-produced documents, so it was a "no-brainer" to create custom documents that could be delivered in a just-in-time format versus storing generic manuals. Over the years, though, since Mimeo was so convenient and so easy, we have found hundreds of ways to use the service. For presentations, if you need a bound manual, a handout for participants, or even a board or other visual aids, this is an inexpensive option. In addition, since Mimeo is based in Tennessee, across from FedEx, as long as they receive your order by 10 PM Eastern time, your order can be delivered by 8 AM the next morning. They were able to help us, over the years, with many presentations where we found a typo at the last minute or more participants were added after the instructor got on the plane to deliver the presentation. They are fabulous.

Special Guest Mike Vayda: PowerPoint Make Slides Worth Seeing

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Doug Staneart interviews Mike Vayda of Presentatable U about how to create PowerPoint Make Slides Worth Seeing. Mike gives the seven Silver Bullet (Point) for designing better slides.

  • Start Your PowerPoint presentation without PowerPoint. Design your verbal presentation first, and then go back and create your visual aids.
  • Don't create your creative... yet. As you start writing your speech, you will be tempted to design your "creative" items like pictures, backgrounds, charts, etc. Designing your creative too early in the process will slow down your design process because you will begin to chase rabbits.
  • Stay big picture. Use Outline View. Go to VIEW in your PowerPoint toolbar and select Outline. This allows you to focus on just the verbal content of your presentation so you can see an overview of the presentation without all of the filler. (By the way, Mike is offering a free online session on how to use Outline View that you can view by sending an email to the email address on the handout.)
  • Multitasking is a myth. Your audience can only focus one thing at a time. You as the presenter can only focus on one thing at a time as well.
  • Simplify. "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." -- Albert Einstein. Simplify the content on your slide.
  • When it comes to creative, first, do no harm. Now that you have a simple outline of your presentation, add creative that enhances the presentation. Stay away from creative that distracts from your presentations.
  • Practice as you build. As you build your presentation, practice along the way. Get a feel for how your presentation will sound as you go. If you get off track somewhere, it is better to correct it early than later.

Want to access Mike's full on-line PowerPoint course, PowerPoint: Make Slides Worth Seeing by clicking this link. Enter FEARLESS in the coupon code for an additional 10% discount. You can also get two free mini-course sessions by just emailing Mike at the email address on his handout.

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